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Digital Learning Radio

Jan 31, 2019

Our theme for this season is Rose Colored Glasses. We're exploring education through the lens of a coach in hopes that it will inspire a culture of coaching. In today's episode, Nancy (@NancyWTech), Misty (@TrevinoMisty), Kathryn (@kklaster) and Ashley (@gilleytweet) take a deep dive into the ISTE Standards for...

Jan 24, 2019

The overall theme this season will be coaching. Ashley (@gilleytweet), Kathryn (@kklaster) and Misty (@TrevinoMisty) begin the conversations with this episode, where they discuss traits that help build positive relationships.

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Jan 17, 2019

Ashley (@gilleytweet) and Kathryn (@kklaster) welcome their new colleagues, Nancy Watson (@NancyWTech) and Misty Trevino (@TrevinoMisty). They share their introductions and we provide a preview for the season.

We also introduce a new segment, "This week I learned..."

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